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You Can Now Snort CBD Using This CBD Nasal Spray

Probably no one who has used Marijuana or CBD has imagined snorting it, until now. A company in Colorado has now released a new CBD nasal spray. That will allow you to actually snort this drug. Since this is the first CBD nasal spray to the hit market. There has been no research done on how effective snorting CBD may be. However, there is little doubt that this new nasal spray does change how your body absorbs CBD. Since the spray will be absorbed through the nasal membrane. And not through you metabolism like other methods of consumptions. 

There is also no evidence whether this CBD nasal spray will enhance CBDs ability to act as a decongestant. Or even if it is possible to get a specific dosage. For those who can’t wait for clinical trials to learn if snorting CBD is a more less effective way to get the decongestant and pain relieving benefits of CBD then you can hold your own non-clinical trials simply by comparing the effects of this CBD spray to your chosen method of consumption.  

nasal spray

However keep in mind that when first trying this spray you need to take a low dosage. And wait some time before you take another.  You also need to be aware that a cold, congestion, and other factors may determine how much CBD actually gets into your system. And how fast it is absorbed. Dr. David Casarett of Duke University doesn’t see this new nasal spray as a “game changer” but added that “it may be another options for people”  

Research on CBD Nasal Sprays

A group called CBD Experia has conducted some research on CBD nasal spray. But are quick to point out that they are not scientists. The trial was conducted on real human beings and was for the sole purpose of gathering information. However, they did have some interesting findings. They found that CBD was mixed with water or saline solution in a nasal spray. And found that the CBD tended to stick to the container rather than remain as part of the mist. They then tried water soluble CBD and discovered that the dose was inconsistent on each spray.

nasal spray

However, when they added the CBD to an oil base. They found they got a consistent dosage since the CBD distributed evenly in the oil.  The rest of the test indicated that smaller amounts of CBD were needed in the nasal spray to be effective.  

Overall, while the study was not scientific in nature.
There is certainly a strong indication that CBD nasals sprays may well be safe and effective. It will be interesting to see if clinical trials bears out the conclusions of this study. Or if the results will be vastly different. It is also clear that now that one CBD nasal spray has reached the market that there is every likelihood that there will be more to follow.