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What is a CBD Roll On Stick?

cbd roll on stickWhat is a CBD Roll-On Stick?
CBD or cannabidiol has been exploding across the US ever since industrial hemp became legal to process and distribute in 2018. Unlike cannabis which contains THC, the psychotropic compound that is still mostly illegal and causes the sensation of being “high”. Cannabidiol offers a mild effect that provides several benefits while being fully legal and non-intoxicating. This is where the CBD roll on stick comes into play.Today, CBD can be taken internally or applied to the skin. While many CBD edible products and consumables are quite popular, the one limitation they have compared to a topical application is providing direct relief. For those who use isolated, broad, or full spectrum CBD, applying it on the skin where needed offers considerable benefits.

The Roll-On Stick
While roll on sticks are more associated with control of perspiration, the CBD roll on stick provides fast relief of pain and inflammation after a workout. When your muscles are sore and need to rebuild, using a full spectrum CBD roll on product can provide the relief you need to get on with your day. Topical applications of CBD are nothing new. From gels to creams, most CBD products designed for skin application are used for muscle pain relief. The CBD itself is absorbed through the skin to help reduce inflammation and take the muscle soreness away. The roll on product works the same way, but has some advantages over traditional creams and gels.

It is important to note that many CBD roll on stick products also include essential oils which provides additional advantages.

Ease of Use: One of the most important is that by rolling over the skin, you can use just one hand to cover the area that needs the pain relief. This can be quite useful and easy to apply as you only need to open and place the roll on where needed.

full spectrum cbdRelaxing Sensation: The combination of CBD and essential oils provides a relaxing sensation to the muscles. When used right after a workout, they can dampen the inflammation and pain, which in turn helps the muscles to relax while the recuperate. And, the scent from the essential oils creates a calming effect as well.

Sense of Calm: The greater sense of calm combined with the relaxing feeling is perfect for those who may suffer from anxiety. While arguably not as effective as CBD taken internally, it does produce a milder feeling of calm that may be perfect after a workout session.

In addition, you may also feel more relaxed during the day and even sleep better at night. The overall effect differs from person to person. However, for many it does provide advantages that can be used daily. When you choose to use a CBD roll on stick, you have your choice of different types of cannabidiol ingredients. Full spectrum CBD may be the most effective as it combines different cannabidiol elements together for faster relief. Just remember to not taste or ingest the product as it has elements designed for use on the skin.