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More Industries Are Expanding To Include CBD Products

Since the relaxation of laws governing the use of Marijuana in the United states and other countries CBD products have seen a growth in popularity. With CBD oil not legal in all 50 states consumers sales of these products are growing. Hoping to cash in on consumers sales more industries are expanding their current products to include CBD along with their more traditional products. The industries that are offering CBD are extremely diverse with some of these products being expected and others being a little surprising. Here is a long at some of the industries that have jumped onto the CBD bandwagon. 

Natural Health Care Companies

Natural Health Care companies have long been known for providing consumers with alternative natural remedies so it is expected that the acceptance of CBD oils that these natural health care companies would carry a variety of CBD including CBD honey sticks, Salves, balms, nasal spray and nasal decongestant and even CBD oils for baths. Salves and balms for the treatment of arthritis as well as nasal spray and nasal decongestant are extremely popular products among consumers.  

nasal spray

The Beauty Industry
The beauty industry as well has been expanding their products to include products containing CBD with a line of products such as shampoos and cream rinses, lotions, moisturizers, bath balms and even make up. This makes sense since CBD is believed to help alleviate dry skin. It seems as though more and more skin care products containing CBD are coming out each and every month. 

Food And Drink Industry 

Although the food and drink industry has also jumped on the CBD bandwagon. This is a gray area for those in this industry. Since the FDA has not approved the use of CBD oil in food. While some states allowing edibles to be legally sold. Other states are fighting against the sale of any CBD based food or drink products. Until a definite resolution is reached those offering CBD infused food and drink are on sifting sand. 

The Pet Industry
The pet industry too has embraced CBD offering a variety of pet treats.
And other products for not only dogs and cats, but for larger animals such as horses as well. CBD for pets are used to treat dry skin and calm nervous pets.

The Top 4 Companies for CBD Oil
There are a number of CBD oil companies and the top 4 of these companies are  

CBD Products

It is expected that the number of industries that will include products over the next few years will only continue to grow. Which is good news for investors, consumers and the companies themselves. In the meantime as more and more research is done into the benefits of CBD oil. It is likely that companies who are all ready offering products containing CBD will soon be offering more and more products. It looks as those CBD as an ingredient in a wide range of products is here to stay